One month!

So two days ago it was the one month in Oxford mark. This is going to fast!

I can’t believe how fast time passes by, it is insane. But one month has now gone and that sadly means that it is only two more months on this semester! Then at least I will be with my lovely family again and give them all my biggest hugs they ever gotten from me haha. I’m not so much homesick but of course am I missing them.

I am gonna make the best of this time and that way I will always have Oxford in my heart and mind, with me where ever I do.


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Week four

I love how you now actually can see all the beautiful colors that autumn brings. This trees are on Headington campus just outside the entrance and it is so lovely to see everyday. The mix between the green and red!

Today has it been one month sins this awesome journey started, tomorrow will it be the exact day, one month sins i got here, the 18th. Which means that now it is only two months left till this semester ends, so sad. I really love it here and will miss it all so much the day I leave.


I tried to get a better picture of the Uni sign today when I left school, It was better the sun had just gone down but it was not all dark yet. Stayed long enough for the lamps to be turned on anyway haha.


OMG I saw a big, fat rat today when I walked back this evening from the grocery store. It was so nasty! Just run across my path a few meter in front of me. Well I guess that is what you will see when you live in a big city like Oxford.

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Spending Sunday at school


Started the day with a walk in the rain and all the sudden, the sun started to shine throught. Lovely autumn day today! And I was going to spend it all inside studying, boring but well needed.

I have found my place in school now, its in the library on ”the platform”. I love to sitt there, three stores over the ground. Being able to glance at the people rushing around down stares and sitting above just hearing a mummel in the distance. I always listen to music when I study, but I like to have movement around me so I dont get restless. Might sound weird but it works for me so. I hate to sit in my room, cus’ then it is to still and to quiet so I loss focus cus’ of that. Haha Thats the way I work, everyone is different.

So this is how todays workplace looked at the library, found some comfy armchairs next to this table. In a corner so not in he middle of the movement but being able so have it around me. Perfect!


I went to school around 11 am and went home 7 pm-ish, so did a long day at school for being me on a Sunday. Usually back home in Sweden I would never have gone to school on a Sunday, but here it seems more obvious somehow. I got a lot done so it felt so good going home, even though I’m super tired now. But I’m feeling more prepared for the coming week than ever before.


Starting do get darker faster in the evenings now as well, this I just as I left Uni this evening at 7 pm, You cant even se the sign cus’ it to dark around and the sign is to bright haha. I got blinded by the light of the Uni sign!


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Thursday has arrived

Started the day with a extra long shower, just because I had the time. It was so nice to just don’t have to stress it this morning. Then breakfast was then eaten while I was doing some last reading before today’s class. Understanding language, so a lot to read about how the English language is built and about the grammar of how words are built or just as a Free Morphemes. Yes that is the definition for what today’s class is about…

This mornings work station.


Just one of those days, when I’m feeling so glad and grateful to be here in Oxford! I love it and just look at this beautiful building that a looked my eyes on when I was on my was to school from my seat on the bus.


Today’s classroom, fun stuff and just pointing out how difficult the English language is compared to Swedish.


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Paper result are back.

So I week ago I had my first paper due in the American Politics module, I wrote about if the president of the US is to powerful. So today after class we all that did that last week got are papers back, grades and feedback. I was so nervous when I logged on typ my Uni page.

And I got a score of 55/100, which means according to there grade system here that I got a C+ on my first paper. 40/100 is D, the lowest to pass. So this means that I got a little over passed, Im safe! Woho!

Screen-Shot-2015-04-13-at-11.45.01-AM  So now I am thinking that I got a feeling of where I am in this kind of grade system and how much I need to study to be at this level or to go up and try to get even higher grade as the semester goes on. I am gonna do my best and as long as I passes all my modules I will be happy, anything over pass is just a bonus. But I will try and go for little over all the time, because this was a really boost and I just wanna do good in school all the way.

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Yeah you all read that right. Yesterday It was an all-day-long-day with my bookes and fellow study friends. Started the day with a seminar in CCL 1 from 10 am and after that lunch then diving in to the bookes. First I read about the Supreme court in the US for a class I had today and then I continued with this weeks novel for the class World Literature, The Reluctant Fundamentalist. It seems good so far but I will see how I feel about it when I have finished it.

My and Annikas table on the platform at school. Tried to keep it clean and not to messy.


This is Bjorn, he’s from Norway, he’s my flatmate and friend, he’s a little special but he is awesome as well, making my days much more fun. Thank you!



Somehow we ended up staying til 9 pm at school, actually studying til then as well. I was impressed by us! So thank you Annika and Bjorn for a great start to this week. This it will be a good one!

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Buzzy week

Have had a pretty stressfull week. Have a lot more reading to do here then I am used to back at my home uni so it takes some time to get in to it all. But now I think I have a plan for how to make it all work and so I hope I will have the time to write something here everyday. Even if it just is something small.

So here is some of the things I been doing when not having my nose down the books haha. Last Saturday I went on a night tour down in city centre, so beautiful Oxford is!

20161001_202704-EFFECTS 20161001_210547 20161001_223103

The next day Bjorn managed to get me out in to the South Park for some workout, me hungover and everything haha. But it was fun!


I have found a really delicious gluten free sandwich one campus that I will probably eat to much of haha.


Then I managed to go out for a run in the park by myself as well haha. And the next day I had a sore troth, so that went well!


I went one afternoon to the city centre for some shopping! Always nice with new clothes and some other necessaries.


Snapchat-4428701550950502184 20161004_152302 Snapchat-6254009922712058706

And I found out that washing is so expensive here it is crazy. For one run in the machine it cost £2.40, which is around 30 sek för en omgång. So from now I will think about when to wash were carefully.


South Park, Oxford at dusk. Love it!


The people that I spend my free time with, they are the greatest and so awesome. They are really making my time here the best! This is from a food crawl that we went to. Got to try foods from different places nearby. Indian, Asian, Italian and a Gelato place.

20161006_185159 20161006_202206 20161006_203303 received_10153886245374249

Best Peps again!

And found some super good soup at school on Friday, was so good for my sore troth and cold that I got but It is getting better!


Lipstick kiss from birthday girl Julia on Fridays party.


Food with the fam at Harry’s!

20161008_205715 IMG_20161008_213957 20161008_222513

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First assignment due.

So today I handed in my first paper here at Oxford Brookes Uni. Little nervous but I think it will go okay. Had some help from some lovely friends here in the UK to check my spelling and so they understod my meaning of the paper. It is a paper for the American politics and society module so I am familiar with the subject at least. They sad it was good so now I hope my professor also think it is good. Tomorrow in the seminar we are going to discuss the papers so I will probably have a understanding for how i did after that.


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Loving Oxford

First week of school done! It is different but I get in to it in time so I’m not worried about that. Just not used to get ”homework” and have to do a paper for 700 words the first week. It is a totally different type of expectations on the student here then back home in Sweden, at least from my home uni.

But on Thursdays I will now on be having one modules at another campus, Brookes Uni has five campuses total. So bus to school one day per week, I’m just glad that it is just one day of the whole week that i will have to go there. Takes about 40 minutes to get there so it feels as all day is going to getting to and from school haha.


Ended Thursday with a ”family night” at the Union pub getting burgers and just hanging out. Everyone was really tired so that was good for us all to just have a chill night with not to much happening.


On Friday I have a seminar for the module world literature, which is the hardest module off all I chosen this semester I think. It’s nothing like I done before and I have never really liked to read a lot but I will probably learn so much from it and hopefully I can find it useful later in life in some way.

After the seminar I got my favorite coffee from Starbucks and satt down in the Forum on Campus to study before I had first choir practice with one of the two choirs that I joined this semester. It was so fun, I loved it, I have missed singing so much I didn’t even know how much!


For dinner I made a simple lentil soup with some toasted bread, So easy but so delicious!


My Friday evening I spent with my bookes and some sweets as a motivation for study when others where out partying. But I got a lot done, finished all my reading with American politics for this week making it able for me to write my first paper assignment which is due on Tuesday. So got that done today, Check! And then I also started reading this novel I have to read all of until Friday, so got less then a week on me now. Hope I will finish is on time.

Then I went to sleep at 10:30 pm, I was so tired I slept for 11 h hahaha. Guess I needed it tho! Feeling great today I done the paper and much more already today. Tonight I’m going out with some friends, first on a Oxford Night Tour and that will end at a rooftop bar, which sound amazing! So looking forward to tonight, but first some more studying to do.


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Happy night

Tonight I am just so happy! Happy to have gotten the opportunity to go to Oxford, England. Happy that I have met so much nice and good people. Happy to actually be in Oxford and being able to just spend a night out with new friends and have some drinks, laughing and have the best time. 

I feel so Lucky.  

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