Happy night

Tonight I am just so happy! Happy to have gotten the opportunity to go to Oxford, England. Happy that I have met so much nice and good people. Happy to actually be in Oxford and being able to just spend a night out with new friends and have some drinks, laughing and have the best time. 

I feel so Lucky.  

New pillow

I was right! I sleept so good this night that I am just so happy right now haha. I know i may sound a little crazy but I have had so much pain in my neck and hopefully that will go away now. Feels better already waking up this morning!



Now today my second course is starting, the American Politics and Society. This one am I very excited to do, especially sins it it election year in America right now. It is in the afternoon so now I’m going to so some follow up from the class yesterday so I got everything under control.

First class at Oxford Brookes Uni

Today school started for real. First class/seminar for the CCL1 course. It was so exciting to seen what kind of people I will spend the next three months with and what kind of teacher I got. I got an awesome teacher, at least the feeling I got from him today, a very energetic and excited teacher that really seems to love what he does. And that can do more for the learning process than one may think. I am looking forward to digging in to this course as the weeks go and learn as much as I can from it. A lot of writing structure and getting the correct english down on paper.

20160926_095932 20160926_120737

Looks so much like monopol money! Haha!


After school was done for the day I took the bus in to city centre to buy an extra pillow, my neck just could not take one more night on that flat thing they call a pillow. So I think I will sleep like sleeping beautie tonight and hopefully wake up fully rested tomorrow, we will see. So when I already were at Marks & Spencers I got some other stuff as well. An extra bath sheet, a small towel for hand and face as well as pillow cover for my new sweet pillow.

20160926_134243 20160926_150234


So now I think I finally have gotten some order in my room and it starts to feel like a home.

20160926_170902 20160926_170920

First week in Oxford, Done!

So first week over here went by pretty fast. Had not so much time att the last half of the week so did not get to blog about all the fun stuff that I did. So I’m just going to give you a summery of what’s been going on.

So I got bookes for the first course, Culture, Criticism, Literature 1 (CCL1), which is about how to write and understanding the language.



And on Friday it was a Fresher’s fair at the University for all the freshers. If was just a big market of free stuff and information about all the society’s that are at the Uni. So I signed up to join some of them like the choir, Politic society and Nordic society.

Snapchat-3257298652100496966 20160923_104233 20160923_111649 20160923_111657 20160923_122007 20160923_114325

Oxford United 😀

Snapchat-689409879075318847 20160923_123205


Got ice cream for free at one station and then for lunch me and my flatmates ate at the school cafeteria. It was really good food for a cheap cost. Perfect for a student!


And then some pics of different places here in Oxford.

20160923_171953 20160923_211324 20160923_233818 IMG_20160924_094124 IMG_20160925_015215


And the last pic is from Saturday when we went out in city centre and went clubing at a gay bar, it was so fun tho! Best night out in all week, danced so much, laughed and drank just enough haha. Thank you Guys for being awesome flatmates and making the move here so good!

Pub and beer

So to be continuing on Tuesdays adventure – In the evening we in my flat planed to party and go out to the freshers party for the day. The theme for the night was 90s so we where all excited for it and started the evening with hanging out in the kitchen, drinking some ciders and beers. Then we went to the bus, it was chaos here, bus after bus got packed with freshers bus eventually we got on and was on are way in to the city centre.

Here is some pics that I took earlier that day one the way in to city centre. The old and majestic buildings!

20160920_123314 20160920_123359


So we got in to the centre and started walking to the party place, when we got there it was a queue long as to blocks. It was ridiculous how many people there was waiting to get in. So we decided that it was pointless to stand in line for hours and maybe not even get in, insted we went to a bar in mid Oxford city centre. The Crown, they had gluten free beer so I was happy anyway and we got to talk and get to know each other better as well. When that pub closed we went to another one, The Four Candles and stayed till that closed and then we went home.

Snapchat-8089375111082833100 20160920_235414


Thinking we take the bus home but i drove right by us even do people waved at the bus, so evil off the bus driver! So we just got a taxi insted, got one that you see in the movies, the classical UK taxi haha.


City centre and food

Yesterday it was Tuesday and I dident have anything in school untill late in the afternoon. So I and one of my flatmates went in to the city centre to get all the tools for the kitchen, stuff like potts, pans and plates. Was a new type of store for both off us, it was like this – you got in, got to a table with a computer and a 20 cm fat catalogue. Looked up what you wanted to get and wright down the artikels numer om this little papper and when you were done you got to the casher and payed for the things on the papper. Then you get a recept with the stuff and a order number, go over to the next desk and wait for them to call your number. Then its done, all the stuff get sent down some elevator or rail and when it is all done you just collect it at the desk. I dont know if this just is confusing or you understand, I hope you get the picture of it at least haha. I have never seen anything like this but it was really clever!


Here you have a pic of one Argos store, to the right the tables with the catalogue and to the left the collect desk. So cool!

So now we can finally cook home made food! Yaaay! The feeling for that is unreal haha. So I made pasta and bolognese last night for dinner, so good, and today I made pasta and bacon sause.

20160920_182254 20160921_165558


Then for lunch today a got a Uncle Bens Chili con carne, just pop it in the microwave, just wondering why we dont have those in Sweden? We have Uncle Ben but I have never sen foodboxes that you just heat up and eat. The ones I have tried so far have been so good that I will miss them when I’m going home.

20160921_122402 20160921_122540

Then I also found this gluten free bar which will be perfect to have in my bag for emergency snacks. Then I dont have to by chocolate if I dont find anything that i can eat. Healthy as hell is what I am going for, or not haha. We’ll see how it will go with that whole healthy thing!


Enrolment day

So today, monday, I slept for some time this morgon and then took a long warm shower. It made it a very good start of the day. Breakfast with my flatmates tho no one was really awake haha, so not so much conversations went on.

I did find som good gluten free foods at Tesco yesterday so I hade yoghurt and cereals for breakfast with a toast and Philadelphia cheese. Very nice tho I feel like I need to get som more for the next couple of days.

20160919_085407 20160919_085400


And sins I dont have any bowls yet i get to eat right from the packing haha. Hope to get everything I need tomorrow, fingers crossed to find it all.

The after breakfast and getting ready for the day it was time to get going to Campus, it was time to get enroled. (Enroled/enrolment betyder att man skriver in sig på skolan) So that took some more time then expected bur it is done and I got my student card, which means I am now official a student here at Oxford Brookes University, yaay.

In the afternoon I have a meeting with my Academic Adviser to get informed about the schools portal, PIP, and to sort out the courses/modules I am taking this semester. Now I am registered to some modules that I was told I couldn’t even take, but my adviser told me se get it fixed as soon as possible. So I feel good and I’m excited to start school next week.

Foods for the day has been microwave food or cool food so it has been a little challange to find food that I can eat, gluten free finished food that means. But I find some at Tesco, super to have that store nearby, and then I got some from the Campus store.


Cold lentil sallad for lunch.

20160919_174404 20160919_174412

And this chilli was my dinner, it was so good that this I will bye more times but it was hot, the chilli was really there.


I also got some dessert of course, It’s like a sponge cake with some frosting in the middel and on top of it, so good!



And so today England show me it’s best side, the rainy one that you always hear about haha.

Arriving in Oxford

So yesterday was the arrival day for me to Oxford and my now home. I’m gonna try to sum’ it up for you as best as I can.

So the day started att 4 with going up out of bed. At 5 me, my mum and dad were in the car and on our way to the airport. We got there safe and sound in a good amount of time before the check i closed so that feelt good. Talk a little with my parents before we said good bye and a lot of hugs was shared.


Going through the security I got a little nervous, but it went just fine. No problem at all. Now it was just to wait for the time to pass, find some food and coffee that I enjoined. Then the gate opened, Gate 65, and on the plane I went. Now some more nerves came, but I never been afraid of flying so no problem. The engine started and of the plan went, and so did my cool. Got a little panic when the plan lifted, it was bumpy and rocky so I started to feel sick and got sad of feeling panic and not being able to do anything about it. But I had the sweetest lady next to me that gave me a tissue and gave me som comfort. The rest of the flight went good and the landing as well, listening to music and just breading do more for me than I believe some time.

Arriving to Heathrow, finally I was here! Got my bags and went to meet the people from Uni. A little hard to find but it was okey, they showed me to the bus and then I was lost. I got on the right bus but I dident know where to get of so I said Uni but I now know that was wrong. But this nice international adviser helped me a Uni to get a taxi that took me to my hall of residence. Then I could finally relax and breath.

After that it has gone good, find a supermarket, got food, slept 10 h and hung out with my flatmates. We are six people sharing on one flat, one toilet and one shower. That shall be interesting haha. Three boys and three girls, all from different places in the world, Norway, Austria, USA, Australia, Italy and me from Sweden.

This is my room, not so organized yet but I will get to that tomorrow. Not very big but it is plenty anyway and it is not for the rest of my life so it is okey. Bed is a bit hard haha, but other then that it’s okey.

20160918_151129 20160918_151138


And on the first day here we had an information thing for all the exchange and study abroad students. The oxygen level was zero but it was nice to see how many we are that have come here to study from all over the world.



The day ended at the flat just spending time with my flatmates and drinking a beer. It was overall a good first day in Oxford and from here I believe that it can only get even better.


To Oxford!

D-day is here! Got up at 4 this morning and now I’am at the airport drinking Coffee and waiting to go onboard on the plane. Nerves are everywere but mostly I just want to go now!

Good bye Sweden and Hello Great Britain 😃


Dagen innan

Imorgon bär det av, tidigt söndag morgon går flyget mot London och sedan vidare mot Oxford. Så idag njöt jag extra mycket av att vakna i min sköna säng, låg och drog mig lite extra bara för att jag kunde. Har haft den vanliga lördagsmorgon rutinen med frukost tillsammans med päronen framför nyhetsmorgon och har ätit lite extra långsamt, bara för att jag kan. 

Idag mår jag må jag säga 😄 

Idag gäller det att packa det sista, allt smått som man använder i vardagen typ. Allt ska vara klart innan det i sovdags ikväll för uppstigning sker vid 4 i natt sen haha.