Arriving in Oxford

So yesterday was the arrival day for me to Oxford and my now home. I’m gonna try to sum’ it up for you as best as I can.

So the day started att 4 with going up out of bed. At 5 me, my mum and dad were in the car and on our way to the airport. We got there safe and sound in a good amount of time before the check i closed so that feelt good. Talk a little with my parents before we said good bye and a lot of hugs was shared.


Going through the security I got a little nervous, but it went just fine. No problem at all. Now it was just to wait for the time to pass, find some food and coffee that I enjoined. Then the gate opened, Gate 65, and on the plane I went. Now some more nerves came, but I never been afraid of flying so no problem. The engine started and of the plan went, and so did my cool. Got a little panic when the plan lifted, it was bumpy and rocky so I started to feel sick and got sad of feeling panic and not being able to do anything about it. But I had the sweetest lady next to me that gave me a tissue and gave me som comfort. The rest of the flight went good and the landing as well, listening to music and just breading do more for me than I believe some time.

Arriving to Heathrow, finally I was here! Got my bags and went to meet the people from Uni. A little hard to find but it was okey, they showed me to the bus and then I was lost. I got on the right bus but I dident know where to get of so I said Uni but I now know that was wrong. But this nice international adviser helped me a Uni to get a taxi that took me to my hall of residence. Then I could finally relax and breath.

After that it has gone good, find a supermarket, got food, slept 10 h and hung out with my flatmates. We are six people sharing on one flat, one toilet and one shower. That shall be interesting haha. Three boys and three girls, all from different places in the world, Norway, Austria, USA, Australia, Italy and me from Sweden.

This is my room, not so organized yet but I will get to that tomorrow. Not very big but it is plenty anyway and it is not for the rest of my life so it is okey. Bed is a bit hard haha, but other then that it’s okey.

20160918_151129 20160918_151138


And on the first day here we had an information thing for all the exchange and study abroad students. The oxygen level was zero but it was nice to see how many we are that have come here to study from all over the world.



The day ended at the flat just spending time with my flatmates and drinking a beer. It was overall a good first day in Oxford and from here I believe that it can only get even better.


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