Enrolment day

So today, monday, I slept for some time this morgon and then took a long warm shower. It made it a very good start of the day. Breakfast with my flatmates tho no one was really awake haha, so not so much conversations went on.

I did find som good gluten free foods at Tesco yesterday so I hade yoghurt and cereals for breakfast with a toast and Philadelphia cheese. Very nice tho I feel like I need to get som more for the next couple of days.

20160919_085407 20160919_085400


And sins I dont have any bowls yet i get to eat right from the packing haha. Hope to get everything I need tomorrow, fingers crossed to find it all.

The after breakfast and getting ready for the day it was time to get going to Campus, it was time to get enroled. (Enroled/enrolment betyder att man skriver in sig på skolan) So that took some more time then expected bur it is done and I got my student card, which means I am now official a student here at Oxford Brookes University, yaay.

In the afternoon I have a meeting with my Academic Adviser to get informed about the schools portal, PIP, and to sort out the courses/modules I am taking this semester. Now I am registered to some modules that I was told I couldn’t even take, but my adviser told me se get it fixed as soon as possible. So I feel good and I’m excited to start school next week.

Foods for the day has been microwave food or cool food so it has been a little challange to find food that I can eat, gluten free finished food that means. But I find some at Tesco, super to have that store nearby, and then I got some from the Campus store.


Cold lentil sallad for lunch.

20160919_174404 20160919_174412

And this chilli was my dinner, it was so good that this I will bye more times but it was hot, the chilli was really there.


I also got some dessert of course, It’s like a sponge cake with some frosting in the middel and on top of it, so good!



And so today England show me it’s best side, the rainy one that you always hear about haha.