City centre and food

Yesterday it was Tuesday and I dident have anything in school untill late in the afternoon. So I and one of my flatmates went in to the city centre to get all the tools for the kitchen, stuff like potts, pans and plates. Was a new type of store for both off us, it was like this – you got in, got to a table with a computer and a 20 cm fat catalogue. Looked up what you wanted to get and wright down the artikels numer om this little papper and when you were done you got to the casher and payed for the things on the papper. Then you get a recept with the stuff and a order number, go over to the next desk and wait for them to call your number. Then its done, all the stuff get sent down some elevator or rail and when it is all done you just collect it at the desk. I dont know if this just is confusing or you understand, I hope you get the picture of it at least haha. I have never seen anything like this but it was really clever!


Here you have a pic of one Argos store, to the right the tables with the catalogue and to the left the collect desk. So cool!

So now we can finally cook home made food! Yaaay! The feeling for that is unreal haha. So I made pasta and bolognese last night for dinner, so good, and today I made pasta and bacon sause.

20160920_182254 20160921_165558


Then for lunch today a got a Uncle Bens Chili con carne, just pop it in the microwave, just wondering why we dont have those in Sweden? We have Uncle Ben but I have never sen foodboxes that you just heat up and eat. The ones I have tried so far have been so good that I will miss them when I’m going home.

20160921_122402 20160921_122540

Then I also found this gluten free bar which will be perfect to have in my bag for emergency snacks. Then I dont have to by chocolate if I dont find anything that i can eat. Healthy as hell is what I am going for, or not haha. We’ll see how it will go with that whole healthy thing!