Pub and beer

So to be continuing on Tuesdays adventure – In the evening we in my flat planed to party and go out to the freshers party for the day. The theme for the night was 90s so we where all excited for it and started the evening with hanging out in the kitchen, drinking some ciders and beers. Then we went to the bus, it was chaos here, bus after bus got packed with freshers bus eventually we got on and was on are way in to the city centre.

Here is some pics that I took earlier that day one the way in to city centre. The old and majestic buildings!

20160920_123314 20160920_123359


So we got in to the centre and started walking to the party place, when we got there it was a queue long as to blocks. It was ridiculous how many people there was waiting to get in. So we decided that it was pointless to stand in line for hours and maybe not even get in, insted we went to a bar in mid Oxford city centre. The Crown, they had gluten free beer so I was happy anyway and we got to talk and get to know each other better as well. When that pub closed we went to another one, The Four Candles and stayed till that closed and then we went home.

Snapchat-8089375111082833100 20160920_235414


Thinking we take the bus home but i drove right by us even do people waved at the bus, so evil off the bus driver! So we just got a taxi insted, got one that you see in the movies, the classical UK taxi haha.


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