First week in Oxford, Done!

So first week over here went by pretty fast. Had not so much time att the last half of the week so did not get to blog about all the fun stuff that I did. So I’m just going to give you a summery of what’s been going on.

So I got bookes for the first course, Culture, Criticism, Literature 1 (CCL1), which is about how to write and understanding the language.



And on Friday it was a Fresher’s fair at the University for all the freshers. If was just a big market of free stuff and information about all the society’s that are at the Uni. So I signed up to join some of them like the choir, Politic society and Nordic society.

Snapchat-3257298652100496966 20160923_104233 20160923_111649 20160923_111657 20160923_122007 20160923_114325

Oxford United 😀

Snapchat-689409879075318847 20160923_123205


Got ice cream for free at one station and then for lunch me and my flatmates ate at the school cafeteria. It was really good food for a cheap cost. Perfect for a student!


And then some pics of different places here in Oxford.

20160923_171953 20160923_211324 20160923_233818 IMG_20160924_094124 IMG_20160925_015215


And the last pic is from Saturday when we went out in city centre and went clubing at a gay bar, it was so fun tho! Best night out in all week, danced so much, laughed and drank just enough haha. Thank you Guys for being awesome flatmates and making the move here so good!

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