Visit by Matilda

I had my lovely friend Matilda over for a few days in the beginning of November. We started her stay with a day at uni, I needed to finish a paper and so did she, perfect! After that we manage to do all kinds of stuff like, went out for a party night, went to celebrate Bonfire night and see a huge firework. We also did one day in London and got to see Big Ben, London eye, Trafalgar square, Oxford Street and many more places. We had a great time and I am so glad she could come and visit me, I really appreciated it. ^^

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Halloween + 25

Gonna try to get up pictures from the last weeks. May not write so much but a picture are suppose to say more than a 1000 words so hoping for that now. ^^



So it was my 25 birthday at the end of October and I had a small (30 people) party in my flat. It was so much fun and I am so glad I got to celebrate that day with all the amazing people that I have gotten to know so far here in Oxford. I am so blessed to have so many beautiful people in my life, you all bring me so much joy!  Thank you Annika for the mug and the great idea of letting everyone at the party sign it, will be a memory for life.


Small pumpkin by Rosie and the big made by Jürgen, my flatmates.



Me and Julia on a halloween party.


I’m still alive!

Just keeping myself to busy or Uni is keeping me busy. Have had one paper due per week since week 2, now it is time to get to the heavy stuff though. It’s time for the last exams and essays in two weeks, so will not really get any more free time until that is done.

But even though I’m tired, stressen and exhausted, I really do love it here. It is so fun and I have learn so much so far from being here. That I’m so happy and glad that I get to stay for one more semester, so will only be going home to Sweden for Christmas-break then it is back to Oxford and Brookes at the end of Januari. This is such a great experience and opportunity that I wanna get as much out of it as possible and by staying for a whole year. I will really be able to get good English language and experience to carry with me for the rest of my life, what ever I will be doing.

For now that will be all, just got home from Uni after been there 9 am-9 pm. So now it is time for bed, I think I really deserve it at least. Picture is a typical day for me at the moment. #studentlife


Stress and exhausted

It’s been a few hectic weeks now, visit from my parents, then birthday weekend, a friend over from Sweden and on top of it all I been sick on and off. Now I’m okay with the sickness, just little cough but otherwise I’m fine. Though it’s been so stressfull to do everything, every free minute I had I’ve been studying. Having one paper due per week it tough, I’m not used to it and then to have other stuff to do as well and wanting to spend time with my family and friends who come and visit. It’s exhausted in the end but also the best thing ever.

I’ve had so good times with them all, doing so much sightseeing, shopping and eating great food while hanging out with some of the best people I have in my life fills up the battery but only so much.

Now I’m looking forward to next week when I only have school and me to think about. It will be so nice to have time to rest and just do nothing in the evenings haha. Sounding like an old lady, but I’m looking forward to it so much, I really need it. But first, going to Edinburgh this weekend haha. Good luck to me!

Sightseeing in Oxford

When we finally settled down in Oxford, we went out for dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant. Gluten free pasta and pizza, I got the Pasta Carbonara (gf) and it was the best ever. The place is called La Cusina. 
20161023_184216 20161023_184230 20161023_190414 20161023_190426 20161023_190430 The next day we really went all in on the tourist things in the City Cenre. Here mom and dad are just next to the Carfax Tower. 20161024_144347 Christ Church

20161024_145030 20161024_145348 20161024_145801 20161024_145814 This is where they filmed the staircase scene for the first Harry Potter film and they got inspiration from the dining hall to create the one in the film.

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A weekend in London – Part 3

Trafalgar Square

20161022_125828 20161022_125852 Mom and Dad’s ”just a little lunch” haha

20161022_135348 We went to see The Lion King, it was so amazing and so well made. It was one of the best musicals I ever have seen live. If you have the time and possibility you all should go see it.

20161022_131455 20161022_142808 Piccadilly Circus

20161022_182700 Mandatory pic in a London phone booth.

20161022_182105 Portobello Road, in Nothing Hill, and its Sunday market. It was such a nice place to just walk through.

20161023_113515-PANO 20161023_125938 Tea is a ”I have to” here in England, the land of tea.

20161023_121704 And finally on the bus to Oxford ^^