Home in sweet Sweden

Been home now for a week and it feels so good to be with my family and see my friends again. I have missed them all so much. ❤

The flight home went okey, no rough airholes haha. So that was good, listned to music all the way and my mom and brother where at the airport to pick me up. Best feeling to see them there. 

Since then, christmas has passed and it has been great, the food, the gifts and the company have all been great. I got a small speaker and a handbage among with some other things. 

Now I have been visiting my sweet best friend Johanna and her bf Philip for two days. So amazing to see her and spend time with her again, love to come here and just hang with them and there friends here in Stockholm.

I have five more week of christmas break and during these weeks I will finish puttning up all the pics and storys I have from the passed semester. So be patient, cus’ pics are coming! 

Exam week is here!

Week 12 has arrived and that means it is time for essays and exams. Final week of fall semester at OBU and it has been amazing! This week is killing me though, it is so tough and I am not at all used to having a week of exams like this. So it is really a challenge, but I finished my essay on Sunday and today me and my group finished the poster for our poster-presentation. Which means I really only have to do the presentation and then the two exams and I am done!

It will be so nice when this week is over and I finally can just rest, spend time with friends here and enjoy the last days before going home for Christmas. I am really sad some people are leaving and not coming back next semester but I still have some of the great people here when I return so it will be okey. I will really enjoy Christmas break though, 6 weeks off will be delightful after the stress the last month has given me.

But – not done yet, so time to go back to the books. Done in 4 day!!