December 2016

The end of november I put up this little light string in my room to get some Christmas feeling. I love it still so it will probably stay up just cus’ of the coziness it brings to my room. The school did their part as well with bringing Christmas spirit to school by putting up a big real Christmas tree in the entrance.  My flatmate Jurgen hung up the most beautiful advent calendar for us in the flat to open a present every day until we all went home. It was such a cute thing to do and that made it feel like Christmas to me.

IMG_20161121_162427 20161122_170951 20161122_172352 But before we got all 100% Christmas maniac, I got to be invited to my first ever Thanksgiving dinner by the lovely Elaine from US. She and some more made all this food over three days for a big group of us to enjoy with them. Making them feel like home even though they where far away. It was such a wonderful evening and the food was so amazingly good that all of us eat way to much, but that is apparently what you are supported to do hehe. Thank you Elaine and co! 20161123_200115

Then it was finally time for First Advent. Christmas starting for real according to me and Annika haha. She arranged a glögg and Christmas party which I help her with. We baked german Christmas cookies all day long and had a blast. Made frosting and danced in the kitchen to Christmas music, it was a great day. ^^

20161127_132515 20161127_140702 20161127_163343 20161127_163308 Got to spend the end of the day with all of these lovely people. It was just a cozy day and I will remember it for a long time.


I got a present from Annika as well. A delicious advent chocolate calendar!! THANK YOU!

IMG_20161201_195215 20161201_172520 I am in two choirs here at my uni in Oxford. One does classical music and for this end of semester we performed requiem op. 48. It was brutal but a beautiful piece of music and even better in a church like this(see pic).

20161203_190527 FB_IMG_1480849590318Celebrated Salim who turned 22, you would never have guessed that right haha. It was a lovely evening fixed by Abdel and I am so glad I got to be a part of it and spend time with so many nice people. I have been so lucky this semester to have met all the wonderful and amazing people that I have, I really appreciate everyone of you!

Ended Fourth advent with making food again with Annika, but this time it was Swedish meatballs on the menu. It was so good it was almost as I was back home when I eat it. Haha.
IMG-20161218-WA0000 20161218_190559 20161218_201646The last morning before going home, we went to Cotê Brasserie for an proper English breakfast and it was so delicious. Extra point to them for having a menu with only gluten free foods.
20161219_095231 20161219_100933 20161219_100941



Nytt år och nya möjligheter.

2016 var ett helt okej år, några super toppar har det varit så som att bli antagen till att studera i Oxford och lärt känna massa nya underbara människor. Mindre roliga saker som det gångna året fört med sig är saker som missade möjligheter och heartbreak. 

Men jag rester mig starkare än någonsin och är mer bekväm med mig själv än någonsin! 2017 ska bli mitt år och jag ska göra allt jag kan för att uppnå de drömmar och mål jag har. Vad de är och hur det kommer gå får jag se. 

Det är en härlig resa som händer just nu och den kallas för Livet.