Ups and Downs

Well now it is a while since I last wrote here, but I have my times when I write a lot and often and then times when it is less. 

I am back in Oxford and have been here since middle of January, it is a different pace this semester compared to fall semester. This kicked in full speed just two weeks in the semester, so have had to really prioritize my time and even then have I felt really stressed out.

I get the work done but it is with a very heavy stone on my shoulders of anxiety. It is something that I have dealt with for a few years now so I have the tools to handle it, but it still always hit you right where it hurts. Before I can get control over it and get back to balance, it still effects me and I go back to old bad habits for a few days. Though I have lovely friends here, who I really can talk to and they give me a great support when I need it.

It is another thing with my flatmates this semester. Then go not help to ease my anxiety, then suck at cleaning after them self in the kitchen and even after they been doing the does in the bathroom. They just don’t respect other people, if this is ignorance or a culture aspect, I do not know, but it sucks and it is nasty. Not to mention, I could actually get sick if I get their leftover foods in my food, even small breadcrumbs can still damage my insistence, I have told them, but they still don’t clean after them.

Had to write some of my back, time to move forward and get back on track!

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