‘All talk no walk’

It is now at the middle of semester and the busies weeks has begun. It is panic, anxiety and the best time ever at the same time, It is true love and hate, but I will survive. Especially after yesterday when I got back a paper with the grade of A on it. I am soaring above the ground up in the sky among the clouds from the happiness and study boost I got from this. Yaay!

Soon it is weekend and tonight I will be going out with some Swedish friends that I met over here, food and drinks is what to expect. Celebration both my A and that is it St. Patrick’s day today, but also that we all met each other and just enjoy the evening. Other then that, my weekend contains of studying, keeping up the hard work and hope for more good grades.

Next week will be so lovely and amazing, starting with Amanda, also from Sweden, who was here last semester is coming back to visit and staying at my place for two night so it will be so much fun and wonderful to see her again! After that my mum and aunt (sort of) is coming to visit over the weekend and a bit more, we will met up in London. It will be so wonderful to have them here for five days, just to see them cus’ I miss home so much at this point. We will stay at a hotel, eat good food, drink nice drinks and do a lot of sightseeing as well. Planing to go to Camden Market, Westminister, Big Ben, Piccadilly, Oxford Street, Hyde Park and also seeing a rowing race on the Themes. So each day will need some planing to have time for it all. But I can’t wait, I am so excited.

Sadly there are some people who will not come to visit me, and that is sad. Some people have been saying they will most certain come and visit me, even if just for a couple of days. Though some have not even contacted me, to check my availability, so I know they will not come at all. I do not like people who say one thing and do another. That is not okey, and I build up hope about seeing some, then they don’t even text or talk to me for so long. Some people make an effort to keep in contact while some only talks to you when they want something from you. I am trying not to give it to much energy but that is easier said then do some days, with someones.