One week left

…until I move back to Sweden. It is a bitter-sweetness about leaving Oxford and all the people here but also getting to go home to Sweden and all the people there.

I have now just enjoyed life, nature and the free time this week. I needed to rest, sleep and do things that I wanted to, when I wanted to. Spontaneously living for a week! So I have spend most time with some friends and then out in parks soaking in the summer sun. Have eaten pancakes two days, Atomic Pizza one day and then spent a lot of time reading fiction literature instead of the school work I spend more of my time with the last months.

Pictures will come later, some problems with uploading at the moment.

Springsemester is done!

Finally all deadlines are done and the exam is written. I have partied this weekend and said good bye to the first people that left UK now. It was sad but I’m okay. Then I have sleept as well and today I start to feel like a human again!

Sun is shining and the warmth is here now, which means that summer has come! Perfect timing for me!


I now have two weeks just to enjoy the city of Oxford and the friends who still are here. I will go one day to London and do some more turist things, eat food and do a tiny amount of shopping, maybe. haha.

Other than that, I will take some time to post what I been doing the last month over here so you all will get an update. Even though I spent most time in the library or my room, I still have left it every now and then to not go mad. So I have done somethings that I can share with you guys. Just be patient for the next coming days.