One week left

…until I move back to Sweden. It is a bitter-sweetness about leaving Oxford and all the people here but also getting to go home to Sweden and all the people there.

I have now just enjoyed life, nature and the free time this week. I needed to rest, sleep and do things that I wanted to, when I wanted to. Spontaneously living for a week! So I have spend most time with some friends and then out in parks soaking in the summer sun. Have eaten pancakes two days, Atomic Pizza one day and then spent a lot of time reading fiction literature instead of the school work I spend more of my time with the last months.

Pictures will come later, some problems with uploading at the moment.

London with Mom and ”sort of” Aunt!

I have the last couple of days been in London and met up with my mom and my sort of aunt, not married in to the family, no blood line either but she has been a part of the family for as long as I can remember. She is one of my moms oldest friends and so she is now a part of the family haha. I need to stop rambling on, haha.

We all got there on Friday but they arrived a bit before me, so when I finally got there we had lots of hugs and a little tears was seen. We went to a cozy restaurant named Cotê Brasserie, which has become to be one of my favorite places here in UK. They have a gluten free meny and are so professionell about allergies, which I love. I have always felt so comfortable going there, and being sure that I will not get sick by eating there. And that it is heavenly delicious is the biggest bonus of them all, the food is so good!

received_10211131364734470 Ofc we started with bubbles ^^

20170324_190441 I had for main course Beef Bourguignon which was so amazingly good and for dessert I had a Creme Brulee.

20170324_192345 20170324_201743Aunt Eva had same as me for main and for dessert she had Chocolate Fondant, which she loved!

20170324_192357 20170324_201752 Mom had Lamb with rosemary and garlic for main and Chocolate Mousse for dessert which she was very pleased with.

20170324_192351 20170324_201748 received_10211131364454463


Me and mom <3

I have so many pictures and we did so many things these days that I will split it into many smaller posts through out this week. So bear with me and you shall see all the things we experienced, eat and did.

So far, much good

So I thought I would share with all of you a bit of what I been up to so far, except for studying of course. 

Starting with that I finally bought the hoodie for Oxford Brookes Uni!



Then I found what I like to call, one of all the heavens on earth – The Amazing bookshop Blackwells, tre floors big! It is like going into a library, except it is a book shop. I was stunned.

IMG_20170129_172809_496One beautiful day ended up being a road trip to Blenheim Palace. Home of Winston Churchill and scen for the move Gulliver’s Travels.

20170204_133633 20170204_140244


I had delicious gluten free pizza with the lovely company of Annika.

20170126_193811 Went with a bunch of people to see this nice musical, I am really glad I got to see it

20170222_192208Been to a Carnival Party with masks on, looking fabulous here with the beauty Annika.
20170228_221350 Seen the lamp post from Narnia and the door to the Fauns house in the movie. The place of C.S. Lewis.

IMG_20170225_163325_727And now spring has come to Oxford, shining the lovely sun on all of us and giving us heat and beautiful flowers everywhere.
20170302_132555 20170302_110736 20170302_111019

Ups and Downs

Well now it is a while since I last wrote here, but I have my times when I write a lot and often and then times when it is less. 

I am back in Oxford and have been here since middle of January, it is a different pace this semester compared to fall semester. This kicked in full speed just two weeks in the semester, so have had to really prioritize my time and even then have I felt really stressed out.

I get the work done but it is with a very heavy stone on my shoulders of anxiety. It is something that I have dealt with for a few years now so I have the tools to handle it, but it still always hit you right where it hurts. Before I can get control over it and get back to balance, it still effects me and I go back to old bad habits for a few days. Though I have lovely friends here, who I really can talk to and they give me a great support when I need it.

It is another thing with my flatmates this semester. Then go not help to ease my anxiety, then suck at cleaning after them self in the kitchen and even after they been doing the does in the bathroom. They just don’t respect other people, if this is ignorance or a culture aspect, I do not know, but it sucks and it is nasty. Not to mention, I could actually get sick if I get their leftover foods in my food, even small breadcrumbs can still damage my insistence, I have told them, but they still don’t clean after them.

Had to write some of my back, time to move forward and get back on track!

December 2016

The end of november I put up this little light string in my room to get some Christmas feeling. I love it still so it will probably stay up just cus’ of the coziness it brings to my room. The school did their part as well with bringing Christmas spirit to school by putting up a big real Christmas tree in the entrance.  My flatmate Jurgen hung up the most beautiful advent calendar for us in the flat to open a present every day until we all went home. It was such a cute thing to do and that made it feel like Christmas to me.

IMG_20161121_162427 20161122_170951 20161122_172352 But before we got all 100% Christmas maniac, I got to be invited to my first ever Thanksgiving dinner by the lovely Elaine from US. She and some more made all this food over three days for a big group of us to enjoy with them. Making them feel like home even though they where far away. It was such a wonderful evening and the food was so amazingly good that all of us eat way to much, but that is apparently what you are supported to do hehe. Thank you Elaine and co! 20161123_200115

Then it was finally time for First Advent. Christmas starting for real according to me and Annika haha. She arranged a glögg and Christmas party which I help her with. We baked german Christmas cookies all day long and had a blast. Made frosting and danced in the kitchen to Christmas music, it was a great day. ^^

20161127_132515 20161127_140702 20161127_163343 20161127_163308 Got to spend the end of the day with all of these lovely people. It was just a cozy day and I will remember it for a long time.


I got a present from Annika as well. A delicious advent chocolate calendar!! THANK YOU!

IMG_20161201_195215 20161201_172520 I am in two choirs here at my uni in Oxford. One does classical music and for this end of semester we performed requiem op. 48. It was brutal but a beautiful piece of music and even better in a church like this(see pic).

20161203_190527 FB_IMG_1480849590318Celebrated Salim who turned 22, you would never have guessed that right haha. It was a lovely evening fixed by Abdel and I am so glad I got to be a part of it and spend time with so many nice people. I have been so lucky this semester to have met all the wonderful and amazing people that I have, I really appreciate everyone of you!

Ended Fourth advent with making food again with Annika, but this time it was Swedish meatballs on the menu. It was so good it was almost as I was back home when I eat it. Haha.
IMG-20161218-WA0000 20161218_190559 20161218_201646The last morning before going home, we went to Cotê Brasserie for an proper English breakfast and it was so delicious. Extra point to them for having a menu with only gluten free foods.
20161219_095231 20161219_100933 20161219_100941


A weekend in London – Part 1


Finally are my parents here in England with me! It’s awesome and I’m having the best time ever. We started with 3 days in London and went straight from the bus stop to Oxford Street for some shopping and window watching. It was so beautiful.

First there is some pics from when we hade dinner at a restaurant called Cote Brasserie. Very good food, nice service and very easy for me with gluten free food. The server that we got knew exactly what I ment by asking for gluten free and she had memorized the menu so I could just order what I wanted and she could straight away tell me if I could get it or not. That is awesome for me that has celiac disease. I could really recommend this restaurant!

20161021_194427 20161021_194438

I and my mom got the Beef bourgogne, which are the two pics first below. The only difference was that she got some fried bread and I didn’t, but I did not mind that. It was delicious anyway!

20161021_195753 20161021_195807

My dad got some pork belly and cabbage with creamy potato. Also really good!




For desserts mom got chocolate fondant and vanilla ice cream, and I got cream brulee which is my favorite!

20161021_204222 20161021_204249

We walked by Selfridges on the way to the hotel in the evening and they already have there Christmas decorations in the windows, so pretty.

20161021_211342 20161021_211638

Here are some random pics I took along the way to the hotel, for me this is looking so typical English haha.

20161021_214146 20161021_214154 20161021_214454

Buzzy week

Have had a pretty stressfull week. Have a lot more reading to do here then I am used to back at my home uni so it takes some time to get in to it all. But now I think I have a plan for how to make it all work and so I hope I will have the time to write something here everyday. Even if it just is something small.

So here is some of the things I been doing when not having my nose down the books haha. Last Saturday I went on a night tour down in city centre, so beautiful Oxford is!

20161001_202704-EFFECTS 20161001_210547 20161001_223103

The next day Bjorn managed to get me out in to the South Park for some workout, me hungover and everything haha. But it was fun!


I have found a really delicious gluten free sandwich one campus that I will probably eat to much of haha.


Then I managed to go out for a run in the park by myself as well haha. And the next day I had a sore troth, so that went well!


I went one afternoon to the city centre for some shopping! Always nice with new clothes and some other necessaries.


Snapchat-4428701550950502184 20161004_152302 Snapchat-6254009922712058706

And I found out that washing is so expensive here it is crazy. For one run in the machine it cost £2.40, which is around 30 sek för en omgång. So from now I will think about when to wash were carefully.


South Park, Oxford at dusk. Love it!


The people that I spend my free time with, they are the greatest and so awesome. They are really making my time here the best! This is from a food crawl that we went to. Got to try foods from different places nearby. Indian, Asian, Italian and a Gelato place.

20161006_185159 20161006_202206 20161006_203303 received_10153886245374249

Best Peps again!

And found some super good soup at school on Friday, was so good for my sore troth and cold that I got but It is getting better!


Lipstick kiss from birthday girl Julia on Fridays party.


Food with the fam at Harry’s!

20161008_205715 IMG_20161008_213957 20161008_222513

City centre and food

Yesterday it was Tuesday and I dident have anything in school untill late in the afternoon. So I and one of my flatmates went in to the city centre to get all the tools for the kitchen, stuff like potts, pans and plates. Was a new type of store for both off us, it was like this – you got in, got to a table with a computer and a 20 cm fat catalogue. Looked up what you wanted to get and wright down the artikels numer om this little papper and when you were done you got to the casher and payed for the things on the papper. Then you get a recept with the stuff and a order number, go over to the next desk and wait for them to call your number. Then its done, all the stuff get sent down some elevator or rail and when it is all done you just collect it at the desk. I dont know if this just is confusing or you understand, I hope you get the picture of it at least haha. I have never seen anything like this but it was really clever!


Here you have a pic of one Argos store, to the right the tables with the catalogue and to the left the collect desk. So cool!

So now we can finally cook home made food! Yaaay! The feeling for that is unreal haha. So I made pasta and bolognese last night for dinner, so good, and today I made pasta and bacon sause.

20160920_182254 20160921_165558


Then for lunch today a got a Uncle Bens Chili con carne, just pop it in the microwave, just wondering why we dont have those in Sweden? We have Uncle Ben but I have never sen foodboxes that you just heat up and eat. The ones I have tried so far have been so good that I will miss them when I’m going home.

20160921_122402 20160921_122540

Then I also found this gluten free bar which will be perfect to have in my bag for emergency snacks. Then I dont have to by chocolate if I dont find anything that i can eat. Healthy as hell is what I am going for, or not haha. We’ll see how it will go with that whole healthy thing!


Enrolment day

So today, monday, I slept for some time this morgon and then took a long warm shower. It made it a very good start of the day. Breakfast with my flatmates tho no one was really awake haha, so not so much conversations went on.

I did find som good gluten free foods at Tesco yesterday so I hade yoghurt and cereals for breakfast with a toast and Philadelphia cheese. Very nice tho I feel like I need to get som more for the next couple of days.

20160919_085407 20160919_085400


And sins I dont have any bowls yet i get to eat right from the packing haha. Hope to get everything I need tomorrow, fingers crossed to find it all.

The after breakfast and getting ready for the day it was time to get going to Campus, it was time to get enroled. (Enroled/enrolment betyder att man skriver in sig på skolan) So that took some more time then expected bur it is done and I got my student card, which means I am now official a student here at Oxford Brookes University, yaay.

In the afternoon I have a meeting with my Academic Adviser to get informed about the schools portal, PIP, and to sort out the courses/modules I am taking this semester. Now I am registered to some modules that I was told I couldn’t even take, but my adviser told me se get it fixed as soon as possible. So I feel good and I’m excited to start school next week.

Foods for the day has been microwave food or cool food so it has been a little challange to find food that I can eat, gluten free finished food that means. But I find some at Tesco, super to have that store nearby, and then I got some from the Campus store.


Cold lentil sallad for lunch.

20160919_174404 20160919_174412

And this chilli was my dinner, it was so good that this I will bye more times but it was hot, the chilli was really there.


I also got some dessert of course, It’s like a sponge cake with some frosting in the middel and on top of it, so good!



And so today England show me it’s best side, the rainy one that you always hear about haha.